About Nika International

Launched in 2010, we are Nika International LLC, a manufacturer of plush toys and animation gifts. We highly value imagination and originality, and that is why we treat our toys as little creations, putting all our heart and experience into their development and production. We believe that gifts are all about emotions, and therefore have to be the best possible representation of love, care and sympathy. No less important is fun, so we strive to deliver joy and happiness via our toys.
To make our toys, we have our special production facilities, which allow us to produce the broad spectrum of plush items. Having managed to centralize the manufacturing process, nowadays we have design laboratory, R&D, service department and sales office working together to make sure only the thoroughly worked out pieces reach our assembly line.
Among the whole range of products, we are mostly proud of our animate toys. Not only we equip them with sound content, but we also give them perfectly synchronized motion, thanks to which our toys move their mouth and different parts of the body along to the music. This is why we can say that our toys really sing and dance! To enhance the experience with our toys, we pay great attention to the quality of sound, using only the most advanced chips and speakers.
At Nika Toys, we are hungry for fresh ideas and technologies, so we constantly work on new articles and ways to upgrade our toys. With about 300 different items in our database, we challenge ourselves to regularly offer our customers original toys. Also, we love to work together on new items and create special editions – see our OEM section for details.



When you need a memorable gift, there is no better way than to offer a customized toy. Mark an occasion, offer a special edition, complete your product range or just please yourself and your partners with unique toys made especially for you. Our professional team has already delivered hundreds of OEM orders and is happy to create customized toys for you.
With our experience and capabilities we can create absolutely any toy to match your occasion and preferences. Our database of silhouettes, styles and patterns is at your service, but do not limit yourself and challenge us with your ideas! We are open to requests and will work closely with you to develop the toy you wish.
Feel free to use any of displayed styles or toys from our website as a template and complement them with chosen music/songs and different accessories (sunglasses, plush hearts, embroidery, etc.). You are also encouraged to make more significant changes (adjust the toy's shape, change fabric colour and type). Or create a completely new item based on your ideas!


Please contact us at sale@nikaintl.com or call +1.310.651.8732.   We're happy to answer questions or help you with returns.